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DH Events and Calls for Papers

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Bulletin board of digital humanities events & CFPs (editable by all class members).

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College English Association Annual Convention

Indianapolis, March 26-28, 2015, http://cea-web.org/


The special panel chair for Digital Humanities welcomes proposals for papers and panels addressing the following topics: 
  • DH projects (digital collections/archives, digital editions, interactive maps, 3D models, etc.) 
  • DH research tools (text analysis, visualization, GIS mapping, etc.)
  • DH pedagogy (teaching methodologies, curriculum development, project collaboration, etc.) 
  • DH centers (supporting research, consulting services, teaching faculty/students, etc.) 
  • Digital Project Management 
  • Data Curation
  • The Future of DH 
Please submit your paper title and abstract (200-500 words) to http://cea-web.org/ by 1 November 2014. Submitting electronically involves setting up a user ID and then using that ID to log in in order to submit a proposal to the conference. If you are submitting a panel with multiple participants, please create a user ID for each proposed participant.  If you have questions about the DH panels, contact E. Leigh Bonds <leigh.bonds@case.edu>. 


CEA also offers panels in Book History. If you have questions about BH panels, contact Ann Hawkins <ann.hawkins@ttu.edu> or Erin Bistline <erin.bistline@ttu.edu>.  


If you have questions about the CEA conference or the general program, visit our website <http://cea-web.org/> or email us <cea.english@gmail.com>.
1 Nov 2014

“Textual Machines” Symposium

April 18, 2015, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA,

“Textual Machines” is an international symposium exploring literary objects that produce texts through the material interaction with mechanical devices or procedures. We define “textual machines” as a perspective on literature and book objects where text is “a mechanical device for the production and consumption of verbal signs” (Espen J. Aarseth). From the symposium’s perspective, textual machines are not limited to a specific media or epoch, and include literary objects ranging from early modern movable books, to modern pop-up books, artist’s books, game books, concrete poetry, combinatory literature, electronic literature and interactive fictions. A distinctive feature of textual machines is that they invite readers to traverse text through the non-trivial manipulation of mechanistic devices or procedures: by navigating through hyperlinks, footnotes, marginalia or other semiotic cues, or by answering to configurational, exploratory or writing prompts.

Keynote speakers:
    Janet MURRAY, Professor at the School of Literature, Media and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology and interaction designer.
    Serge BOUCHARDON, Professor at the University of Technology of Compiegne and author of interactive fictions.


[See more details and info about CFP here]

1 Jan 2015




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