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Open Questions

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 9 years, 8 months ago

The pedagogy of English 236 includes harvesting "open questions" that emerge in classes--a practice that reflects the belief that the ultimate "product" of a graduate-level class should really be the questions it generates.  The following are the open questions that the instructor and students generated in classes on specific subjects.  In each instance, the instructor (Alan Liu) asked a graduate student to act as the collector and transcriber of questions that arose in class.  Then the instructor edited, filled in the context for, and sometimes elaborated on these questions.  Most of us in the class are humanities or education scholars from several disciplines who are beginners at the various subjects in the course.  The questions registered here remained after our readings and practicums--and, in fact, our questions were often sparked (or stoked higher) by those exercises.  We're aware that there is additional research and discussion on some of these issues, likely at a level beyond that of beginners or occurring in other fields.  Suggestions for reading welcome!

Blog posts collecting open questions about digital-humanities issues that emerged during class discussion in English 236 (Digital Humanities: Intro to the Field) during fall 2014:


       Open questions from previous versions of the course:


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