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Kyle Crocco - Text Analysis Exercise

Page history last edited by kcrocco@education.ucsb.edu 9 years, 7 months ago

As part of my study of University Identity, I analyzed the text of the UCSB viewbook for word frequency. I used one visualization Voyant Tools called Cirrus (which makes word clouds of the most frequently used words in a text).


It is possible to take out, what are called stop words, but I left everything in at this point because it looked cooler that way. However, if I use a visualization chart for my dissertation I'll take out stop words such as "a, an, the..." to get a more accurate picture of content words used in the document.


Nevertheless, you can see some of the most frequently used terms in the word cloud and get an idea of what this document is about and what the identity of the University is: research and undergraduates.  This image is actually a png file. However, Cirrus generates a more active file online and when you hover above a word, it gives you the word count.



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